Friends of ppw

[Post New]by pmwright610 on Aug 1, 17 10:58 AM
Had no computer for about two weeks but finally got a new one. I will be playing catch up as soon as BF gets my old game back up and running which may take a few more days. I will catch up with gifting then.


Re:Friends of ppw

[Post New]by pmwright610 on Aug 2, 17 3:15 PM
Silly me thought that when I got my game back I got my friends list back too. All I have now is John, and I can't find the list with friends ID#'s to send out requests. Anyway, if you were on the friends list for ppw I have a new ID, again, pc 687137. Please come on back. I 'm sure I owe lots of gifts in return for those that went into cyberspace.

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