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matching items

[Post New]by beamer37 on Aug 1, 17 11:00 AM
can't seem to connect items that go up or sideways. They are always a little off.Been trying for three days Very disappointed. cannot move forward.

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Re:matching items

[Post New]by bfgBeruna on Aug 1, 17 11:32 AM
Hi beamer37,

I'm sorry there's been trouble with this game. I'm swimming by to provide some advice.

It sounds like a glitch might be preventing pieces from connecting properly. When a game can't progress due to just such an error, I always recommend checking that the computer's video card driver is up to date. I'd also suggest running the game with administrator permissions, to see if that helps.

The help pages below contain instructions for both of those processes.

Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen
Run Game as Administrator

If those steps don't get the game working again, please contact our Technical Support Team. They'll be the best equipped to provide further assistance.

Please also post future technical inquiries to the thread below.

Please post any TECH ISSUES for Shadowplay: Whispers of the Past Collector's Edition here.

This ensures the Moderation Team sees your request as quickly as possible and also helps us keep the forum organized. We appreciate your help, and I've locked this thread so any more questions can be posted to the one above.

You are also welcome to PM myself or another active moderator if more questions or concerns arise. We'll be glad to listen and to help.


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