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New world

[Post New]by BoutjeFedankt on Aug 3, 17 9:33 AM
There is a new world, a Prehistoric theme. So far i found a new challenge, some sort of hives where you have to make combinations next to it and when you can do that more times fireflies will break loose out of this hives. So far only yellow ones, but they were pretty useful in the levels where you have to collect a certain amount of yellow fireflies. I played the first 11 levels and still no sign of red fireflies though.
I believe you have to have more fireflies to proceed after each 11 levels because you need 1200 of each after the first 11 levels, wasn't that 1000 in the earlier worlds ?


Re:New world

[Post New]by RealityCheck on Aug 14, 17 7:27 PM
Regarding the red fireflies, the ones I have I got by playing the current special event, Storymap; Search for Treasurers. I have not seen them on any level in the worlds. I am also working on Prehistoric Park and have finished level 78.

I think you are correct that the later worlds require more fireflies to get past the gates/doorways than the earlier worlds. I try to build up my airship to transfer quite a few at one time (600, 1,000 or even 1,500).

The number of very challenging and difficult levels seems much greater in the later worlds too. The walls, bombs, disappearing/reappearing squares, pets placed in difficult areas, etc.

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