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Level 6.11 DR

[Post New]by Sahmhappy on Aug 3, 17 4:12 PM
Has anyone bested this level?

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Re:Level 6.11 DR

[Post New]by Sahmhappy on Aug 3, 17 6:24 PM
Okay. Got it with a score of 12533.

Here is a very loose guide if anyone is interested:

Hermes Obelisk level 2 (level 1 early-after tent upgrade), Hephaestus Obelisk level 1 (after Hermes lvl 2 about mid game)

Leave Farm at level 2 till just before 2/3 of game. Then upgrade to lvl3.

First use more resources bonus to collect food and all gold, use work faster bonus to upgrade farm(2), tent, clear stakes, road and stone. Time your bonuses well for best use.

I pretty much cleared all 3 overgrown roads about the same time so I could use my bonuses effectively. Get the 2 upper petrified saplings up and running and the lower right gold and stakes collected (this will be a as needed area) Fit upgrading Hermes upgraded in here somewhere.

Work on getting the middle saplings and the middle chest.

Start on the far left bridge. You can work alternately clearing the your way to that chest, collecting food, wood and gold. Work on the middle bridge and clearing your way to that chest. Remember to clear the stakes by the middle portal. This is also a good place to collect wood (you will need a lot). Be sure to start the last bridge before you get the the middle chest, but get that chest before filling in the last pit by the switch.

There is plenty of wood and gold available, worry about getting the bushes up and running first, and don't think you have to use the more resources bonus to get wood and gold all the time.

When you do need that bonus for wood or gold remember to have all of your people on that task, completed and just about to enter the tent before you hit the button. Quickly get them on their next task (whatever it is) and hit the work faster button.

I hope this helps. I am not the most linear thinker, but I try Good luck.

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