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This game can really grow on you

[Post New]by ecblisa on Apr 27, 10 4:11 PM
I was mildly enthusiastic about this game when I first reviewed it, but I play it quite a bit now. The comments against it are often fair (especially that you don't get enough instruction fast enough), but some are based on too little experience with the game. I think that people who are bothered by the turning cube and the 3-D aspect may simply be playing too fast, which I did at first also. So here are some hints for anybody still thinking about it:

1. In stategy, you can move as slowly as you want, except for directing the flame (more about that below). Plan out your moves; don't try to "shoot fast."
2. Start with a game just to get used to the mouse motion (you are dragging the cube to turn it). Also read each hint and make sure you understand it. Then start a new game to do well.
3. Start learning how to move single balls to meet with groups. It requires kind of a rocking motion. Single balls will dislodge readily unless they're frozen. Groups will stay put unless you shake the cube hard. If you have too many single balls, you will probably lose the round.
4. Learn how to use the flame. Usually you can tell what color it will be, sometimes you can't, but make sure at least by the time you see the color that you will be able to turn the cube to use the flame on some isolated ball or balls (don't waste a flame on a big group of balls unless they're frozen; you just need one ball to get those). Using the flame effectively is a big part of game strategy.
Hope I've helped!

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