Rescue 7 Collectors Edition - Level 33

[Post New]by ginger2max on Aug 8, 17 3:00 PM
I am ready to tear my hair out. Have read & tried the suggestions of play - so far I have not come very close to getting the meds to the individuals that need them. I have spent a lot of time replaying this level (several hundred tries!!) I am playing in the relaxed mode but it has become not so relaxed. I had to give up on the game Rescue 5 level 12 awhile back. Took a chance on Rescue 7 as I do like playing. Could it be that I am playing on a Mac? Appreciate anyones thoughts.

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Re:Rescue 7 Collectors Edition - Level 33

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Aug 8, 17 5:42 PM
Shouldn't make a difference if you are playing on PC or MAC. I provided this advice to another gamer. Maybe it'll help you.
julesyhedgehog wrote:I replayed this a couple of times to see where you may be stuck. Once you have repaired the pier, only collect enough wood to repair the gas station and hospital and repair the road to the medic so you don't waste your fuel needlessly. Save 100 fuel to make the medicine drop. You should have to drop medicine only once. When you have repaired the road to rescue the medic, then save the people at top first. Then you can rescue the people from the bottom later and the cats. I built 2 cafes and 1 house and had enough food and money to rescue people and cats with lots of time to spare.


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