league of light edge of justice

[Post New]by deb_p1 on Aug 9, 17 11:19 AM
done all that told to do still does not work can you refund my game credit please

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Re:league of light edge of justice

[Post New]by sazoria on Aug 9, 17 1:33 PM
@deb p1
Perhaps you could give us some more info about what exactly is not working. Can you not play the game, not download it etc.?
There is always the chance that a forum user will know how to help you.

I have also provided a current fix for games that wont Play because of an issue with windows 10.
I don't know if this will help you without more info on your issue, but I thought I might mention it just in case.

Possible fix.
There is an issue with the compatibility of Windows 10 with some games. It just won't let you play them. If this is the issue you are experiencing then this fix will take care of it. If this doesn't work then the issue you are having must be something else.

This works for people who cannot open a game whilst using windows 10, and also for some error codes and access violations.

gail854 wrote:
I found this by accident on The Forgotten Fairytales forum but it worked for me. Change your screen resolution to something smaller, like 1680x1050, open the game and close it. Change the resolution back to original and open the game again. It worked for me on both games as neither would open but do now. Hope it helps.

-Remember that you can change the resolution back to your normal setting, and play the game in it, once you have opened and closed it in the lower one.

In terms of asking for more help or for a refund, I have to point out that this is a community forum i.e. it is here purely for those of us who play the games to talk to each other and help each other with issues. When you post here you are talking to other players, not to big fish directly. There are moderators who work for big fish, but they are here to keep the forum safe for other users ,and for tech problems can only repost things that are in the pre-existing tech help section, they can't give you targeted help on your issue or offer you refunds.

If you still cannot get the game to work then you can contact big fish tech support to see if they can help you, they can give you more targeted tech support and if that doesn't work then a refund or game credit-
At the bottom of this page click customer support.
Click More.
Click contact customer support.
Click contact customer support by email.
Type massage and send.

Good luck,

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