Game blows up after download

[Post New]by Banana1954 on Aug 11, 17 10:46 PM
I downloaded the collectors edition of this game, downloaded right, installed alright, except when I went to play it never stated.

I uninstalled it twice, reloaded it, followed all of the requirement for trouble shooting that Dr Felix recommends and still not luck playing it.

I am using a windows 10 machine and have downloaded many games from Big Fish Games and have only had this problem once before with Elven 4.

Can someone please tell what the problem is or how do I get a refund for this game?


Re:Game blows up after download

[Post New]by Lemanda on Aug 12, 17 3:09 AM
I have the same issue. It will not run on my laptop where most of the Big Fish Games will. If I still the desktop it will.

It may be the speed of your CPU. The game requires a 2.0 GHz system

In WIndows 10
In the search bar, (lower left) type "about your PC"

My laptop's processor is 1.6GHz, whereas the desktop is 3.30 GHz

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Re:Game blows up after download

[Post New]by skyepearl on Sep 20, 17 8:27 AM
You can request a refund by contacting Customer Service (which is not intuitive to find).

1. Click on the tiny blue "Customer Support" link waaaaay down at the bottom of this page under all of the "check us out" icons.

2. Ignore everything on the page this brings you to &, instead, click "MORE".

3. Click on "Contact Customer Support", which brings you to yet another page.

4. Click on the blue worded "Contact Customer Support by email" in the first paragraph.

5. Fill out the appropriate blanks & submit.

You will get an automated response, that does absolutely nothing to help you, within a few days. REPLY to this auto-email stating this auto-reply doesn't help you. A few more days may go by & then you should get an actual person to reply to you via email. It's takes a bit of time & effort but once you actually talk to a live person, they are pretty helpful.

Hope this helps!

Good luck!

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