Missing Lettuce

[Post New]by ladysarajane on Aug 12, 17 8:01 AM
I just bought this game and I like it except I cannot build Hamburgers with lettuce. What is the procedure for adding lettuce to the burgers? I thought I tried every combo to build it, but they come out hamburgers and my customers are NOT happy.

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Re:Missing Lettuce

[Post New]by mumma_1 on Aug 12, 17 8:40 AM
There are four different combinations for the burger

Plain: Click bottom of bap, burger then top of bap
With lettuce: bottom of bap, lettuce, burger, top of bap
With cheese: bottom of bap, burger, cheese, top of bap
with lettuce and cheese: bottom of bap, lettuce, burger cheese, top of bap

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