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seeking tips for 5.4 expert mode

[Post New]by elizaew on Aug 13, 17 12:30 PM
I am generally pretty good at these but finding this game very challenging.Gold on most, silver on a few, but this level I can't get past bronze. Even following the guide I am not getting past bronze. Has anyone got any good tips?

OK I finally get silver but would still appreciate tips for that elusive gold! The videos one can see online never seem to help me either. I think they are usually in normal mode.

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Re:seeking tips for 5.4 expert mode

[Post New]by riceredbrown on Aug 13, 17 2:17 PM
I am lost on this one, too. Please, someone who has beat the developers record, or come close, please help!


Re:seeking tips for 5.4 expert mode

[Post New]by lesleyvance501 on Aug 16, 17 7:58 AM
I beat the developer's record on this one just recently and I did it by following the guide mostly, which is the exact opposite of what I've done to beat other levels

1. Cleared the way to the three plants Megara can grow and got food from them every time it was available.
2. Cleared just to the work shop and upgraded it to a level 2.
3. Cleared the way to the treasure chest.
4. With the gold from the treasure chest I:
a. Upgraded the home for an extra guy
b. Upgraded the workshop
c. Cleared to the farm and upgraded it all the way
5. Cleared to the gold just to the right of the workshop
6. Cleared to Demeter's Obelisk and built it
7. Took the tooth and the gold, upgraded Demeter's obelisk to level 2 and built Hermes' obelisk.
8. Cleared to the gold mine in the top left and immediately upgraded it to level 2, used the presents along the way to get the resource regeneration bonus and get wood and gold.
9. Used the gold from the mine to upgrade the home, upgrade hermes obelisk twice and fill the two pits on the way to the second gold mine.
10. Collected the gold tooth and used it to break the first crystal on the way to the second mine, used gold from the first mine to break the second crystal, filled the pit and started collecting gold from the second mine.
11. Collected resources from everywhere using the work faster and run faster bonuses until I could collect the second gold tooth. Then I only collected gold, wood and food from the farm while filling pits and breaking crystals. Removed the first two boulders, took the tooth, removed the last boulder and that's it.

Mostly I used the run faster/ work faster bonuses. At the beginning and with the presents I used the resource regeneration bonuses.

Hope that helps.

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