Level 30

[Post New]by chocoluvr48 on Aug 13, 17 3:39 PM
does anyone know what I should concentrate on first? I've tried several ways and lose each time.

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Re:Level 30

[Post New]by Ker72 on Aug 14, 17 5:11 AM
Hi chocoluvr48,

you just have to destroy all the yellow sandtiles. Try to gather as much powerups (e.g. water ballons and cupcakes) as possible to initiate effective explosions and get rid of the tiles as well as the boxes. You won't be able to finish the level without! If necessary, you need to go back to refill your powerups. You'll find some usefull hints in this forum.

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Re:Level 30

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Aug 14, 17 5:32 AM
Welcome to the pond, chocoluvr48

I used water balloons a little off centered on each the lower middle right and lower middle left to break a good number of the wood boxes and get the powerups to come down. The powerups can be used on the wood boxes; you don't have to aim them right at an open playing tile. If you look closely, you can see the yellow tiles underneath the wood boxes and most of them are in the middle of the board underneath the wood. You need a little luck in this game with getting the cascades to help you out on many levels. As Ker72 was saying, if you get a bad layout on some level you can go back and refill your powerups. Hope that helps.

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