Game length?

[Post New]by bobbysian23 on Aug 14, 17 8:52 AM
Has anyone finished this game? How long is the game?

I'm wondering whether to buy it or not after the demo as I'm enjoying it but without a walkthrough, I'm not sure how many chapters there are or how long it is.


Re:Game length?

[Post New]by roadgrrl2000 on Aug 14, 17 11:25 AM
There is a walkthru (not here at BFG), do a search. I can't get past the 2nd room with out it! This game could take forever! LOL!


Re:Game length?

[Post New]by BearCreekStables on Aug 16, 17 10:21 AM
I finished the game. There were only 3 or 4 chapters if I remember correctly but don't let that keep you away. I played for hours and several days. And yes I used the excellent walkthrough available at another site. I so enjoyed the game.

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