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Achievements - missing one

[Post New]by puzzleguy on Aug 17, 17 3:58 AM
I have gotten all the achievements with the exception of the bizarre top middle one. It says don't close eyes... or cover ears... What is this achievement???

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Re:Achievements - missing one

[Post New]by theirmom64 on Aug 18, 17 11:37 AM
I believe you need to listen to every conversation.


Re:Achievements - missing one

[Post New]by blueeyedgirl1301 on Aug 22, 17 12:44 PM
I'm missing the one that says "Check all items at least 30 times."

Does anyone know which items? Inventory items? Things in the scene? Do you literally have to check every single thing in the game 30 times?!?

Please help if you can !!!

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