Friends in Midnight Castle

[Post New]by phebes on Aug 18, 17 1:07 AM
Hi all
Played this for ages now and still can't work out how to get friends. I have about 12 on,y 5 are active.
Also what do the little green and red symbols mean in the corner of your friends boxes?
Some of mine don't have private rooms so you can't send gifts or receive any.
I have requested loads of people but none accept the requests.

I find this all very confusing.....all help gratefully received

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Re:Friends in Midnight Castle

[Post New]by playingthegame on Aug 18, 17 2:16 AM
Having a group of Friends is so important to me when playing this game. I have had most of mine for several years now.
There are Friends links which depend on the platform you use. As there is no cross-platform movement you have to restrict your requests to your platform only.

A green icon means that the Friend is an active player, even if ignoring you! A red icon means that they have not used the game for at least a week (At least that is the theory although there are glitches!).
Just keep on making requests for new Friends using your invite box and you will eventually get a group together. I play with 70 Friends but you should have at least 20 so you can gift each only daily and build up your gift stamps.
Have fun!!

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Re:Friends in Midnight Castle

[Post New]by das100 on Aug 18, 17 3:13 AM
the friends link is on the first page of the forum under "helpful links" as playingthegame notes it's separated by platform (ipad PC ect) recommend you start at the last page & work back... most recent ppl looking for friends are there...just keep asking folks...i have a large group...but not always active...but a huge help in the holiday event for gifting...good luck!!! hope this helped

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Re:Friends in Midnight Castle

[Post New]by gripes on Aug 18, 17 7:17 AM
I play on pc....feel free to request me through my castle name .... dair... I am on level 78 ..

who are you and what level are you on...if you don't mind me asking..

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