Prehistoric Park, level 3

[Post New]by Fred_just_Fred on Aug 18, 17 12:46 PM
OK, I give up. What's the secret to get past all three stages of level three? I used lots of boosts just to get past the first stage. Does it take LOTS of boosts or .....? This level is a real killer and is needed in order to proceed. Any and ALL advice is appreciated.

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Re:Prehistoric Park, level 3

[Post New]by BoutjeFedankt on Aug 19, 17 4:08 AM
That one nearly gave me a nervous breakdown. I just paused this level and quit untill i had a reasonable layout to begin with, so i could make a combination of 4 to get a line boost, or maybe i used my favorite boost, 3 trinkets at te start and tried to move these to a place where they effect the places that are not reachable. Look out not to pause and quit when you start with boosts or else you will loose these boosts. And it really depends alot on luck also which new color fireflies will come to the board everytime. I played this board numerous times untill i managed to survive.
Good luck.


Re:Prehistoric Park, level 3

[Post New]by Fred_just_Fred on Aug 19, 17 6:12 AM
BoutjeFedankt, thanks for your input - good ideas to use. At least I know now that I wasn't the only one having problems! I'll trudge on until I FINALLY finish this level.

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Re:Prehistoric Park, level 3

[Post New]by Kuddles3 on Aug 20, 17 7:11 AM

I found this level the worst in the whole World, and I was surprised they put it at the start. I quite enjoyed the Prehistoric World, and found it was not so terrible as some of those previously. While still a challenge, at no point did I think it would defeat me, apart from Level 3! I hate the paint pots, as they are so unpredictable and make it very difficult to plan ahead.

Fred – for Level 3, I found the best and only policy was to “spend, spend, spend” in order to get through it in one go, as you will need to use boosts, and if you then lose, it is a waste. I don’t exactly remember, but I think I took in a trinket, and probably extra moves. Try to make line boosts or fireworks while clearing the main board, then wait until several of the singles are the same colour, and use a firework on them. If you can combine a firework with a line boost or bomb, this will take care of a lot of them. You may need to buy the fireworks towards the end, or use hammers if there are awkward ones left. Keep buying extra moves until it is done, because as I said, you don’t want to have to start again! Good Luck

Also, later on, when you need fireflies, replay Level 14, which I found to be a very good provider

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Re:Prehistoric Park, level 3

[Post New]by Fred_just_Fred on Aug 20, 17 7:22 AM
Kuddles3, thanks! I've now made it past the second stage of level 3. I guess I'll do as you suggest and build up my coins before I tackle the third stage. Looks like LOTS of boosts are going to be required. Also, thanks for the input on level 14. Good luck to all of us - we need it on level 3.

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