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Yes, this is another Intersol game...with ghosts this time

[Post New]by skpjazz on Aug 21, 17 1:57 PM
I've just started playing the demo, so the real verdict isn't out yet...but I can tell you that it is similar to Penguin Rescue, Pretty Snails, and Owl Rescue, but with ghosts on ice. There is a player profile creation and a tutorial (unlike OR). You create the super ghosts with match 4s, the ghost bomb with L/T match 5s, and of course a colorful ghost with a lined-up match 5. Some of the boards have various moving tiles, and you get ghostly sound/visual effects. This time around there is a story with grandma and the cat, but the hidden objects are found on a periodic timed level for clues to the story. The boosters are gradually introduced one by one, i.e., +5 moves, flashlight to remove a tile, etc. You still earn gold coins, but there are periodic coins on the board to collect if you make a match near them. The graphics of the ghosts are not as "crisp" or sharp as the previous games, but that may be by design (since they are ghosts, after all).

I'm surprised this one came out so soon after Owl Rescue, and I was hoping that Intersol would come up with a totally new concept, but at least they have incorporated some new things. I'm only at level 14, so time will tell if there are other "surprises" or new ideas ahead.

I see where some players are complaining about no relaxed mode, but to me the whole point of the game is to create and use the powerups necessary to win the boards within the given number of moves. At least with limited moves, you have time to "think" about what you need to do. However, if Intersol develops more games, maybe they will incorporate an option for a relaxed (or unlimited moves) mode to satisfy the preference of those players.

Update: So far, I have found the moving tile boards a little more challenging (which is good), in that you need to develop a strategy to not let certain "components" get trapped in the " wrong" position. Another difference from the other games is that you have levels to collect ghosts of a certain color. The colorful ghost has "goofy" eyes, which makes you chuckle. The sound effects are great when you have multiple explosions going on. I will update in another post when I discover other unique "things". (Yes, I did purchase the game, and so far I recommend it to anyone who doesn't object to limited moves! )

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Re:Yes, this is another Intersol game...with ghosts this time

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Aug 23, 17 9:14 AM
Thanks for an honest review. I try to take the comments about timers/moves with a grain of salt, but in all due respect to those who only play in relaxed mode...

We all play games to relax. (Yes, even me.)

But everyone's idea of relaxation is different and from hanging out in the forums for several years now it's my opinion that there are plenty of players who don't mind timers or limited moves out there. They just don't post as much because they don't get stuck as easily.

I don't have this game, but if it really is much like the other games this dev has released, having unlimited moves would make it like the M3s my 8 year old niece plays on her iPad - seems like defeating the whole concept of the game to me, and for those who want to play at that level, obviously there are other games out there.

Since I have all the other Intersol games to date, I'm not sure if I'm going to get this one, at least not right now, just because it does sound similar to the other ones. But I do hope they didn't clone the last third of the game again! "Ghosts on ice" I've got an image of the penguins not having been saved after all.


Re:Yes, this is another Intersol game...with ghosts this time

[Post New]by nolansteph on Aug 24, 17 1:09 PM
I loved the game intil it stopped working on my computer. I played for two hours and now I cannot

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Re:Yes, this is another Intersol game...with ghosts this time

[Post New]by moonryu on Sep 9, 17 11:12 PM
There is a solution to the limited moves issues and that is to buy additional moves.

Levels 30, 60, 90 when replayed will get you an extra 50 coins (I think). When my coins get low I just play one of those levels (usually 30) 5 or 6 times (can be done in less that 3 minutes). And I am fine coin wise.

I will usually play a level at least one with the limited moves. And if I get too frustrated, then I just buy more moves.

As for the other Intersol games -- I have played all mentioned and I found them at least entertaining which is all one really can ask for a game. The higher levels can be very challenging especially those that have spawning blockers. If there was every a function / event I could turn off that would be one. Those just annoyed the bleep out of me.

Otherwise this is a good game.

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