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Losing the Right-Side Buttons in Game Level Screen

[Post New]by Blev98 on Aug 21, 17 7:27 PM
I reached the final few levels of the regular game, and I suddenly lost the buttons on the right side of the level screen. No level, including the tournament or levels I had previously beaten, had it anymore.

I looked through all the threads and other places online and didn't see a solution, so I thought I was going to just have to quit playing without finishing. However, as a last resort, I tried changing the game screen from full screen to windowed, and suddenly the buttons were back! This was the case on all game levels, including the tournament. I tested this out by switching back after I had quit and restarted the game, and the buttons are definitely still gone in full-screen mode, but there in windowed mode. So whatever the glitch is, it must have something to do with the coding for the full-screen graphics.

So for anyone else that had this issue (or has it in the future), you might try this to see if it solves your problem. I don't know if operating system makes a difference (I play on Windows 7 currently). Hopefully this will help someone who was in the same boat I was.

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