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attaching cable to brazier

[Post New]by poppy45 on Aug 25, 17 12:32 AM
do an y fishies know how to do this it's driving me crazy

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Re:attaching cable to brazier

[Post New]by sazoria on Aug 25, 17 6:45 PM
You do not attach the cable to the brazier, you attach it to the elevator/lift so that it can pull up the transport when it moves-

Use steel cable on pulley on pole in the dam rampart scene.
Zoom out to dam rampart and pick up cable dangling at side of the pole.
Use steel cable on wheel hanging from arch.
Use steel cable on elevator/lift.
Press the elevator/lift lever down when you want to lift the transport up, the elevator/lift will travel down with the cable attached and simultaneously pull up the transport pod thing.
Happy gaming

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