Typing test

[Post New]by pmwright610 on Aug 25, 17 4:51 PM
Evidently the makers of this game have young nimble fingers. I have tried at least 30 times to get whatever number is needed to pass the test and still can't do it. If it was actual words, it would be easier. Maybe somebody should have thought about this before making it so difficult for those of us with not so nimble fingers.

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Re:Typing test

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Aug 26, 17 7:31 AM
This is actually an easy test that you can pass by just running your fingers over the keyboard rapidly, hitting any keys. You don't have to hit the same letters that appear on the screen.



Re:Typing test

[Post New]by pmwright610 on Aug 30, 17 4:59 PM
After at least 40+ tries, I was finally able to do it, just like you said. Lost all typing skills, but I can bang away at the keys all crazy for sure.

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