[Post New]by Lucy2016 on Aug 30, 17 12:38 PM
Why do I keep loosing my inventory?

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[Post New]by sazoria on Aug 30, 17 5:52 PM
What exactly do you mean?
Do you mean that it keeps disappearing entirely so that there is no way to access it, or do you mean that it keeps dropping down at the bottom of the screen so that you have to roll the mouse over it in order to get it to pop back up.

Forgive me if this seems like a stupid question. I just don't know whether you are new to these games or not, and therefore whether you know how these games work usually.
If it is the second one, and the inventory is dropping out of view at the bottom of the screen, and you have to roll the mouse over it to get it back, then this is normal for these games,
It allows for you to get a full view of the scenes when you are exploring, however you can also play with the inventory always up if you so wish, and it will not affect gameplay.

This is called 'locking' the inventory, and can be done in pretty much all of these types of games. Simply click on the little padlock symbol on the edge of the inventory.
In this game it is on the top of the inventory bar, at the very right, next to the skull hint.
Clicking on it locks the inventory in place so that it doesn't disappear and stays up all the time.

if this is not what you meant then perhaps you could elaborate so that I, another fishy or a mod can help you.

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