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Bonus items?

[Post New]by kgustavson on Aug 30, 17 10:12 PM
What the heck are the bonus items? They're needed to build things but I have no idea what they are. The little picture thing looks like it's flowers but I've been stuck replaying the same 2 levels over and over and they have no flowers. Why on earth did I buy this game??!!!?


Re:Bonus items?

[Post New]by WildPlumYonder on Sep 19, 17 4:31 PM
I think the same thing is happening to me - I played the entire Swamp level without being able to upgrade and of the level items because I have zero of the spell bottles (or whatever those beaker things are). They just don't show up in any of the levels, hence I can't advance and am stuck.

I have enough of all the other required items to buy every upgrade on the page and then some.

I am playing in "Casual" mode.

The game tells me I am on Level 4-33. Fruit 10,110, Flowers 760,

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Re:Bonus items?

[Post New]by cabanaeast18 on Nov 17, 17 2:33 PM
Can the developers and big fish tell us simply,this is a GLICH??????----there are NO bottles to find. I would like to know so I don't waste any more time on this game. Contrary to many, I like the game.

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