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gave it a good punch & it disappeared...

[Post New]by Cute_Moni on Sep 1, 17 11:40 AM
After travelling to The Atlantean Temple,
and going into the Mosaic Birth of Atlantis....

I was horrified to see a rat running around inside and poking out at me...

So I gave it a good punch, right in the nose, and it disappeared!

To all those who cringe at the sight of it - you should give it a go!

Just click on him and watch him run away scared!

& let me know if it worked...


Re:gave it a good punch & it disappeared...

[Post New]by llaurelwreath on Sep 1, 17 12:57 PM
I've noticed him. He always runs when he sees me coming.


Re:gave it a good punch & it disappeared...

[Post New]by Elsaemerald on Sep 1, 17 1:28 PM
I just imagine that it's a mouse and it always makes me smile for a very weird reason.
When my youngest was in middle school he had an assigned project to build a miniature roman villa.
It was great -- with columns and rooms and roman artifacts.
This HOS reminds me of that model a bit.
Well that structure sat gathering dust in our basement storage for a few years.
One day I decided to have a clear out and I discovered that the villa had been made into a home by a mouse or two or three.
Thankfully they had since left the building.
But we all had a good chuckle about my son's potential future as an architect for mousie homes.

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Re:gave it a good punch & it disappeared...

[Post New]by mamarose1900 on Sep 2, 17 6:39 AM
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks it's cute. I love watching it run around in there, which is why my score is more abysmal than on the rest of the HOS.

Have fun stormin' the castle!

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