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[Post New]by loopyerme on Sep 1, 17 5:18 PM
Please, please help me. Where is the hints button please? I just started playing this game but am unable to find the hint button. Thank you in advance.

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[Post New]by sazoria on Sep 2, 17 10:22 AM
Don't panic!
In the very first scene of the game it is possible to pick up two little helpers.
The first is a fairy, who will be able to perform magic to help you.
The second is a little elf. He is in the bottle that the tiger cub is playing with.
You use a bracelet with a blue flower, that you find somewhere in this scene, on the manacle on the tiger cub and he lets the bottle go.
You pick it up and the elf goes into your inventory as well.
The fairy sits on the big leaf at the left of your inventory, and the elf sits on the big leaf on the right of your inventory.
You will have to name them both when you get them.
The elf on the right is your hint button. When the hint is charged it will say HINT on the green area under the map scroll. You can then click on the elf and he will fire an arrow as your hint.
You can use the hint for the few seconds before you have collected your little helper elf (not really necessary, but if you really wanted to) by waiting for the hint to load and then clicking on the big leaf on the right of the screen where the elf will soon sit.

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