Review: strange game

[Post New]by ElizabethR1533 on Sep 3, 17 4:27 AM
I do play "real" poker.
Now I know this is a bit of fun, but the game obviously predetermines who will win. If the AI player played in real life the way they play in the game, they would lose a lot of money and very quickly.
What kind of player would call a HUGE raise with 7 2 off suit? And then they hit two pair on the flop with their 7 2, with me with an A K, and I hit an ace and loose because it's only one pair?
And how many full houses do the players get? A full house is rare in poker.
Now I'm far from being a great real poker player by any stretch, but I can work out odds. This game has nothing to do with luck and skill (poker is a balance of both), it's predetermined, and that doesn't appeal to me one bit.
This game is fun if you don't know how to play poker, and come into the game "blind", but if you've ever played poker for real, this will just infuriate you, as the game play is BS.

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