Help - Pharoahs tomb!

[Post New]by Amphytwigg on Sep 3, 17 6:12 AM
Can anybody help, I am tearing my hair out here!

I am stuck in the Lost Tomb and cannot find the Blue Gem anywhere and no idea what to do next.

Please someone help!

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Re:Help - Pharoahs tomb!

[Post New]by sazoria on Sep 3, 17 7:26 AM
There are 5 blocks on the wall.
Three on the middle wall and one on each side wall.
press them in the right order. When you press one down that is right it will stay pressed.
I believe the order is the middle one first, then second on the left, second on the right, left, right.
A hole will open In the wall on right side, take blue gem from hole.
Happy gaming

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