Tech Issue

[Post New]by schocho on Sep 3, 17 2:40 PM
Trying the demo and the game will not let me get through the knives on the stump.
I have re-done them 5 times (a little OCD) and still cannot progress. I realize this is a game from 2014; however, if BF is still selling it it should be glitch free- right?
Anyway I am disappointd that I could not finish even the demo wiithout being stopped by a glitch - looks like a good game but I have given up on it.

Thank you for having this forum so that other players can see that there are problems with it and they are not just stupid. I will give up on it unless someone else has successfully gotten through the knives.

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Re:Tech Issue

[Post New]by sazoria on Sep 3, 17 3:16 PM
Hey schocho
Are you absolutely sure you have done it correctly?
I couldn't find anyone else on the tech thread who said they had this problem, which makes it less likely to be a game glitch (please feel free to correct me if you find someone else who has reported this problem).

Just to make sure you have done it right, you have to match three things for each knife.
It's been a while since I've played but one of the things does not move, I think it is the knife scabbard/sheaf, but it could be one of the other parts, it's just important to remember that there are three parts to match.
The other two parts of the knife can be swapped.
You would then match the knife hilt and the knife blade with the same symbol as that on the scabbard.

So I just wanted to make sure that a) you were absolutely sure that all your symbols matched and b) you were matching all three parts of the knife, rather than say, just the knife blade with the knife scabbard.

When your done, the other knives should disappear so that there is one left that you can click on and take.

If your absolutely sure that you have got everything right and you have compared the picture to that of the strategy guide, then maybe you could explain a bit more about exactly what is happening? What do you mean by it won't let you get through the knives?

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Re:Tech Issue

[Post New]by freeasabird1971 on Feb 5, 18 11:04 PM
stuck in forest portal, keeps sending me back and forth with nothing to do in between the two locations. i see a stick that looks like i could pick it up but i cant. need to use it to reach into deep hole to grab what looks like a token i have acorns, a knife, some pebbles, an incomplete saddle and some coins in my inventory. really frustrating. no help or hints being given. also strategy guide only shows one page of help. this is all in the bonus game.any suggestions......i uninstalled and reinstalled but didn't help.

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