[Post New]by xeneice on Apr 29, 10 11:49 PM
Good morning! on the second level to teach you to move several objects at once and i can not move from the part of you help me please? i´m going crazy thank yoy very much

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[Post New]by robin94122 on Apr 30, 10 5:05 PM
These are the steps for the Move Multiple Objects tutorial.

1. Click in the upper rightt of the seed bed where the arrow is pointing.
2. Drag the cursor to the lower left of the seed bed where the arrow is pointing. This will select a rectangular area of the seed bed.
3. Click to the left of the seed bed, in line with the coconut tree, where there is a faint highlighted area on the sand. This will move the area you selected in step 2.
4. Click on the move icon again at the bottom of the screen on the lower right to exit move mode.

Note that there are 3 icons on the bottom of the screen.
From left to right they are
SHOP (Shopping Cart)
MOVE (cross)

You have to click on the Move icon (it matches the symbol on your cursor) to turn off move mode and continue.

It's easy to get this confused with the Sell icon, so make sure you're clicking on the center one, not the one on the far right.

Good luck!

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