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Four doors and five buttons

[Post New]by KimK27 on Sep 7, 17 5:29 PM
Having fun with this quirky game and finding myself stuck with no idea how to get unstuck. The puzzle with the tall green stalks at the left side of the screen has 4 doors with line symbols and 4 buttons with geometrical shapes. (The button at the far left appears to be disconnected and doesn't change.)
Is this related to the palette with line symbols and layered shapes? If so, I'm not understanding how to use these things together. Or maybe I've arrived at the doors and buttons without the right inventory item?

Update, 3 days later - figured it out (while riding my bike to work early this morning - time on the bike is good "think" time, I guess). This seems to be one of those games that benefits from letting the brain work on puzzles while not actually playing the game.

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