Game won't launch

[Post New]by geoffs999 on Sep 7, 17 6:45 PM
Installed the update yesterday and it updated my stars etc.
However, now it starts to launch and then immediately quits to the background app on an iPad.
Double tap and select it again to bring it to the front and it goes to the background stuck on the opening screen with the big fish logo. Ball goes round and round.
Very frustrating.

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Re:Game won't launch

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Sep 8, 17 11:04 AM
Hi geoffs999,

Welcome to the forums! I'm sorry to hear that there is some trouble getting your game to launch. We definitely want to get your game up and running. It is recommended to refer to the following Big Fish Games Help page for troubleshooting steps:

Performance & Connection Issues

If you continue to have issues, please reach out to our Customer Support Team with details of the issue. The support team has the tools to further assist.

Since this is regarding a technical issue, I'm going to lock this thread to redirect it to the following:

Please post any TECH ISSUES for Fairway Solitaire here!

We ask that players use the designated thread for technical issues so that we can more easily identify trends in what players are seeing to alert to the appropriate teams. Thank you for your understanding.


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