Having trouble level 17

[Post New]by gingi66 on Sep 9, 17 8:49 PM
I love the new concept - no time limits - new icons
On the levels where there are bricks - I am on level 17
There are no little "bombs" to clear the path - what is the solution
to this? Thank you!

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Re:Having trouble level 17

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Sep 10, 17 7:00 AM
Welcome to the pond!

You do get powerups periodically, randomly put into the marbles, but they're timed so move around every so often. With the walls being where they are, there are a limited number of spots for you to make shots and you really have to avoid the multicolored jewel piece because you definitely don't want extra marbles getting added. If you get a marble stuck behind the walls the only way to clear it out is to use the open pathways to build a "wall" in towards the straggler marble(s) until you can get a match. It takes a while.

[update] My demo ran out then I also lost my internet connection for a bit ...when I finally got back to the game to replay - another tip for this level is to hit the star powerup if at all possible. You only need to shoot a marble onto it to set it off, but the star will randomly remove marbles and brick walls. If you hit a few stars, you'll likely get some extra spots opened up to make the level easier.

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