Stuck in the study

[Post New]by Kall91 on Sep 11, 17 6:29 AM
Hi. I've encountered a problem with the game, which I was really enjoying.

I'm four hours into it, at the part where you talk to Ford and you're suddenly taken to another room, where you're supposed to pick up the upholstery button.
Yesterday I exited the game after arriving in the room, and when I opened it today, I was again in the study where you talk to Ford, but he's not there, and there is nothing clickable, and I cannot exit the house either.
Even using a hint (which I didnt want to use because of Steam achievemnts) it just says "Find the Secret Room - Take the upholstery button".

So basically, I'm stuck and I dont know how to go on with the game without starting it all from the beginning again, and it'd be quite upsetting.
Any ideas?

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