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Can a moderator help

[Post New]by metmichallica on Sep 12, 17 1:29 PM
I cannot send pms anymore. They are blank no subject line and can't be opened. Why is this happening? Thank you.


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Re:Can a moderator help

[Post New]by bfgBeruna on Sep 12, 17 2:25 PM
Hi Michelle,

I'm swimming over as fast as I can to provide some troubleshooting help.

If the same message has been sent multiple times and keeps showing up without a subject line, then it's possible something within the body of the PM has triggered the forums' filters. Certain symbols and phrases might cause this, so if this is the case, I'd recommend playing around with the message. Try sending different sentences individually to see if one might be the cause.

However, if different PM's have been sent and arrive without a subject, then we can take a different approach. In this case, I'd suggest clearing the web browser's cache. Web browsers automatically store information from sites that are visited, and sometimes a full cache can cause the browser to have trouble interacting with a particular website. The help page below will walk you through clearing the browser's cache.

Clear Browser Cache

Should that not help, please try sending a PM from a different web browser. If the trouble sending PM's persists further, then I'd recommend contacting our Technical Support Team. They'll be able to troubleshoot this matter further. Please include examples of PM's that aren't sending properly with the inquiry.

Thanks for your patience, and please don't hesitate to PM me or another of the active Moderators if further questions or concerns arise. We're here to help.


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