stones of rome

[Post New]by buzzboots on Sep 12, 17 5:46 PM
I just finished 60 levels of Stones of Rome.
I am a senior old lady 88 years smart.
Is there a similar game I can play?

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Re:stones of rome

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Sep 12, 17 8:53 PM
Welcome to the pond!

Congratulations on finishing the game. When I first started playing, I hated it until I figured out the bit with the arrows and cascades, but it was still a pretty challenging game and took a lot of practice to master. There aren't many games like this out there from what I can tell. ClearIt and ClearIt 2 have the same concept of shooting pieces from 4 sides into the center playfield to clear marbles, but they are much easier than Stones of Rome.

The following aren't quite the same, but have a puzzle solving concept to them:

Game of Stones
Chateau Garden
India Garden
DragonScales series
Claws and Feathers series

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