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[Post New]by Zwehrli on Sep 13, 17 8:05 AM
I finished the plane quest and then there were no more quest after that. What do I do now?

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Re:No quest

[Post New]by bfgBeruna on Sep 14, 17 2:57 PM
Hello Zwehrli,

Thank you for reaching out. It sounds like the plane has been fixed and that no more quests have appeared after that. I can definitely provide some more information.

The post below, made by bfgMurrumbidgee, explains that a decision was made in 2015 that no new updates would be made to this game.

An important announcement regarding Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' - May 18, 2015

The decision to stop providing new content for a game is never easy, since it means that once the end of content is reached, new quests won't appear. This game's end point isn't very obvious, and for that we apologize. If you have completed the quests to find the missing paintings, fix the airplane, and built the AES museum, that is where the game ends.

Thank you for the time you've spent playing this game. Please don't hesitate to PM me or another moderator if further questions arise. We'll be glad to help however we can.


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Re:No quest

[Post New]by OddlyEnuh on Sep 19, 17 6:07 AM
Fine and dandy, Guide.

So you need to go in the AES office and poke around the door to the office. Without looking it up seems to be the molding on the right top side but don't hold me to that.

Find the thread that has Guide in the name. Everything you need to know about this part of the game is in there.

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