Level 35

[Post New]by Mooners on Sep 15, 17 7:19 AM
Has anyone gotten this one in Gold? if so How

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Re:Level 35

[Post New]by scorpio42 on Sep 16, 17 9:37 AM
I've never been fast enough to play TM Games in "Normal" mode, so I always play them in "Easy" mode if it's available since there are some that don't give you any choice but to play it in the one mode!

So perhaps it would be easier for you to play in "Easy" mode as well?

Choosing "Easy Mode" gives you a relaxing game without time limits and, it's a simple way to EARN GOLD!

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Re:Level 35

[Post New]by Mare_Ika on Sep 18, 17 9:45 PM
I am so far away from gold that it seems impossible. There must be some mistake.

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Re:Level 35

[Post New]by ali133 on Sep 22, 17 11:05 AM
I agree! Lucky if I can buy one coat before time runs out lol!

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