Game won't complete?

[Post New]by Happy_Ours1 on Sep 15, 17 11:43 AM
Hi there,

Lately, while I have been playing the 'Extras', the level is finished, but, it won't finish. The players are still there as if they're waiting also. When I reselect the level to play it again, and press 'Play', nothing happens. I have to go to Task Manager to end the entire game.

Has anyone else had this experience?!

I can almost understand this happening once or twice; but, it has happened every I play for the last two days!!

It has become rather annoying, not to mention frustrating.


P.S. I haven't tried replaying the 'regular' levels yet. So, I don't know if it will happen there as well.

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Re:Game won't complete?

[Post New]by RiffRandell on Sep 15, 17 12:08 PM
Hi, Happy!

I haven't experienced that precise issue but I can tell you that my game played flawlessly until my Windows 7 update this week. After that, my game spontaneously reboots my computer frequently.

I don't know if it is related but maybe.


Re:Game won't complete?

[Post New]by Happy_Ours1 on Sep 16, 17 8:55 AM
Hi RiffRandell,

Thank you for your response! I have the VISTA operating system. (I hope that's the correct thing to say. I'm technically illiterate!)

Anyway. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it just remains the same. I thought maybe it would start over with a clean slate, but it didn't. The same problems existed as well.

What bugs me is that - other than the occasional glitches with Maggie getting stuck - the game was playing fine. Then, all of a sudden, Poof!, it all changes.

I also posted this in the Technical Thread. But, I'm beginning to wonder how productive that will be.

Oh well. Annoyed with BF Technical support again,

Not so happy Happy

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