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How I beat developer's record on 4.9

[Post New]by Donna_Bella on Sep 16, 17 1:02 PM
First let me shout out to waxman77477 for his instructions on getting expert level. Without it I couldn't have beaten the developers record. In fact, I only have one modification, though he may have intended it but it just wasn't clear to me. Either way, I'm grateful.

Here's how I beat the developer's record with waxman77477's help:

- don't bother with:
the two gold pads on the lower right
the upper left boulder and beyond
the acid pit before the lower gold pads, you WILL need the acid pit before the pointer

- use the 2 food pads, 2 wood pads, and food bush in center
- use the gold pad at bottom center
- use gold pad at left in front of boulder, you'll just build the bridge and fill the crack to get to it but leave the boulder and beyond, do this as fast as you can
- upgrade the house to max, and you can eary on because you can access the left gold pad very early
- use increase harvest bonus thoughtout, until the very end when you can use speed
- watch for picking up max items because you won't need to bother to pick up more until you use what you have

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