Transfer game from old device to new (Android)

[Post New]by PaddyLandau on Sep 17, 17 6:17 AM
I have Fairway Solitaire on my Android device. The device has broken, so I got a new one.

Now, how do I transfer my game from the old one to the new one? They are both signed in, but "Restore purchases" on the new device doesn't restore my "golf bucks" (nearly 1½ million) or my progress.

It used to be possible to back it up from the old device and restore it on the new using the Helium app, but bizarrely backups have now been disabled for this game.

I need to do this soon, as the old device is on its last legs and might not be operable much longer.

Thank you

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Re:Transfer game from old device to new (Android)

[Post New]by bfgIlinalta on Sep 17, 17 4:34 PM
Hello PaddyLandau,

I'm sorry to hear that the game is not transferring over as expected while playing Fariway Solitaire. We definitely want our players to be able to continue from where they last left off if at all possible, and we definitely don't want you to be out that many Golf Bucks and time.

The first thing I recommend is to check and make sure you are able to access a strong Wi-Fi connection. After that is confirmed, close the game completely. After the game is closed, re-open the game and try logging in to your account that was linked to your progress. This should reload your progress on the new device.

If that doesn't work to restore that progress, please get in touch with our Fairway Solitaire Support Team with a description of what has occurred and what you've tried to restore that progress. Since it sounds like there is trouble retrieving your progress, do not worry about providing your AccountID unless you happen to have it already noted or are able to access that previous progress on your old device. Our Reps will be sure to follow up to assist as soon as they are able.

Thank you for your patience, and since this seems to be discussing a need to contact our Support Team due to a technical issue of losing one's progress, I'm going to lock this thread. If you'd like to discuss this issue further, please feel free to reply to the designated technical issues thread below to continue that conversation:

Please post any TECH ISSUES for Fairway Solitaire here!

Furthermore, this game forum is for the game Fairway™, a separate game from Fairway Solitaire. Please feel free to continue discussing Fairway Solitaire in the appropriate thread below going forward:

Fairway Solitaire Forum

Thanks for being sure to use the appropriate threads to discuss the game so that players and moderators alike can more quickly reply and help out. We appreciate your patience and time. If there are any further questions, please feel free to PM me or any of our other moderators. We are all happy to listen and help out as best we can.


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