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Mind Numbing Game

[Post New]by gamergirl675 on May 1, 10 4:52 PM
Wow I couldn't even get through the free trial. Sooo boring. Maybe it gets better but in the first 15 minutes I managed to get through (hoping it would improve) it was basically just straight hog with some "code" puzzles that you might have played with your friends in 3rd grade. Even worse, the hog scenes had no thought put into them whatsoever... just the jumbled crap... pizza's in the sky... a car so full of junk that I doubt it could have made it down the road... that sort of thing. The story was done comic strip style but it certainly wasn't gripping enough to make up for the bad hog scenes and stock graphics.

OH... and one final thing... turn your speakers OFF... for the love of god and to save your sanity... turn them OFF!! There's no speaking anyway and seriously it's like music from some bad adult film or something. Maybe public domain crap they got free?? Dunno. But OMG.

I don't have enough thumbs to give this the rating it deserves so I'll borrow some...

You've been warned...

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Re:Mind Numbing Game

[Post New]by skaapram on Jul 14, 10 1:42 PM
Hi gamergirl that is all about hidden object games where you say about the car ful of things and a pizza in the sky,wel i like the game but your hinds let you loose alot of time,did you play this games before? because hidden objects are like that,try blood ties and the secret of margrave manor,Escape Whisper valley.

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