Mini game in carriage

[Post New]by hj2003 on Sep 22, 17 7:58 AM
I can't figure out how to start the mini game on the scroll inside the box. I have reset the game twice and played through to this point. Nothing happens when I click on the scroll. I have clicked every spot shown on the SG and nothing responds. There is not an option to skip, and I am SUPER frustrated, any suggestions?

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Re:Mini game in carriage

[Post New]by sazoria on Sep 22, 17 1:18 PM
The scroll is the ornate long book spine looking thing at the top edge of the box.
Presumably you have to pull out the scroll parchment from it's case by clicking on the little handle/pull/tab that sticks out from the centre of the bottom edge of the scroll.
I don't know whether you have to click and drag the tab out, or whether you have to just click, but this tab in the centre of the scroll case at the top of the box is where you should be clicking.
If this does not work then I would contact BFG tech support, a they can look into it more intensely.

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