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I am a fishy for life!

[Post New]by rbsworld on Sep 22, 17 1:55 PM
I just wanted to reach out to the Powers at BFG. This last update was wonderful. You continue to spoil us with beautiful graphics, an enjoyable and diverse storyline, provide and support this forum...but when you honored a lost player in such short notice, you take my heart and my breath away!

We talk often here in the forum about update wait times etc and it amazes me the care the mods and devs put into the tribute in order to include it in this update.

I am relatively new to the " in wait" crowd and explored different venues during this past summer. I downloaded a FTP game that was advertised off the MC links and got a shock of my life. Let me just say that I have a great respect for BFG in that they don't ruin the playing experience by bombarding you with offers to buy..anything and everything ALL day long. They don't chase you either with annoying txt message offers.

All the above and more are reasons I love MC.

Thanks a million,


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Re:I am a fishy for life!

[Post New]by LJM5091 on Sep 22, 17 2:40 PM
Hi to all.

RBsMom, well stated. This game company is great and MC is the best FTP game I have experienced.

MC is beautiful to play in, everyday. I don't get tired of just looking at the artwork.

And then, responding with the tribute to a friend of the game and game players was truly astonishing.WOW.

Thank you BFG for our MC.


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Re:I am a fishy for life!

[Post New]by gripes on Sep 22, 17 2:45 PM

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