Extras level 106 is impossible, too!

[Post New]by CheerfulDragon8 on May 2, 10 5:50 AM
I've played all playing the 'Extras' levels and I've found another impossible level. Level 106 has two tall stacks of tiles rising above the others and the topmost tile is greyed out, indicating that the tile isn't available. (I have the 'Show free tiles' thing checked, to make sure the tile is free.) There are no tiles around it to block it, so you should be able to take that tile. You can clear a lot of the tiles if you are happy to shuffle several times.

I got down to 96 tiles remaining before the shuffles stopped giving me playable layouts. Then I gave up. I don't mind layouts that have to be shuffled to clear them, but I do mind layouts that are just plain impossible.

If anybody has completed these layouts, I'd love to hear how it was done.


Re:Extras level 106 is impossible, too!

[Post New]by Bissell on Sep 30, 10 3:00 PM
I've gotten level 106 three times now. It's extremely difficult but not impossible as I thought too. The key is to make sure you use the "hidden" tiles that show when you hover over them first AND don't keep any tall stacks. Match the tiles to lower the stacks as evenly as possible, using the hidden first when possible. When it shows matches in the hints, the hidden ones don't show as matches unless a good deal of it is showing. So you have to plan your moves so you don't end up re-shuffling when there's a move left with a hidden tile. When it is completed the 2 towers are there with the tiles on top that you can't get and it congratulates you. I still haven't gotten #57 and I've been ready to give up 100's of times. On that one the matches show on some of the hidden ones that wouldn't on #106. I'm thinking one of the keys is to start matching the stack on the front right side of the tall tower but I can't get to a tile that matches it. The lowest I've gotten on #57 is 164 tiles left. Good luck, and if anyone has some good tips let us know!


Re:Extras level 106 is impossible, too!

[Post New]by nahshal on Jun 24, 12 4:47 AM
yes this is right....
I got down to 96 tiles actual afore the shuffles chock-full giving me playable layouts. Then I gave up. I don't apperception layouts that accept to be confused to bright them, but I do apperception layouts that are just apparent impossible.


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