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Grim Facade: A Deadly Dowry Collector's Edition

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Sep 23, 17 12:29 AM
AMAX Interactive is proud to present the newest chilling addition to the Grim Facade Series!

The city of Anzio has called for your aid. Townspeople are dying, and reports say that the murderer is a ghost bride! It’s a race against the clock as you track the culprit. Do you have what it takes to save the city in time? Find out in this thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

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Re:Grim Facade: A Deadly Dowry Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Penny1942 on Sep 23, 17 2:05 PM
Since I didn't d/l the demo I'm not going to put this in the reviews. Normally I purchase at the very least 1 game a week. Of the 3 games I've purchased in September, 2 of them went in the trashcan immediately upon completion. They have absolutely no replay value whatsoever and this one would go exactly the same place after reading the reviews so even with the sale I'm going to pass. I am down to playing TM games and 2 year old HOG's waiting for something that is more cheerful than we've had lately. I am truly tired of slashing or picking out runes, daemons that come screaming out of walls etc. Bring back a little fantasy since our reality isn't very good lately.

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