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Big Spoiler

[Post New]by Marciepie on May 2, 10 8:38 AM
I was somewhat disappointed that when it came time to 'gather food' for the search for Abby, the items of food were one egg and an apple core hahaha. But not as surprised as the urgency to get poor Abby medical help.....
"Abby is so weak. Good! The plane is here to pick us up. But first I need to collect a few things...."...let me see..I need this foot print..and must have at least 2 hammers..FEATHERS..can't leave without feathers!! (hang in there, Abby. By the way, do you like coconut?). I better bring my lucky drum, too. Maybe we can come back for the dog.
Abby asks, "I know I'm dying but, can I see the pictures you took? What do you mean 'no pictures'?"
"What have you been doing while I was suffering !?"
"Now, calm down Abby. We need to respect them and leave in peace."

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