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An Announcement Regarding Resource Marts in Sydney - September 23, 2017

[Post New]by bfgBeruna on Sep 23, 17 1:35 PM
Hello Everyone,

Thank you to mobile players for bringing the disappearing Resource Marts in Sydney to our attention. This is one of the intended changes made to Sydney with the latest Gummy Drop! update, and I'd like to provide more information about it.

With the latest update, the number of Resource Marts that can be built in Sydney has been halved. This is what caused the Resource Marts to disappear. The good news is that even though fewer Resource Marts can be built, the new marts will generate twice as many resources, so production totals will remain the same.

Games have been credited so the appropriate amount of Resource Marts (with the previous number of upgrades) can be rebuilt. Once your Resource Marts have been rebuilt, they will start producing resources immediately. You're also able to choose for your marts to generate a new type of resource if you'd like, although, like before, that decision will be permanent.

Rebuilding your Resource Marts shouldn't cost coins, but if there are any troubles at all, please contact our Gummy Drop! Support Team. They'll absolutely be able to help with this. Please be sure to include your game's User ID in your inquiry.

Thank you for your patience with this change. The other active Moderators and I are always available to answer additional questions via a PM, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us if the need arises. Happy gaming to all.


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