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Deleted friends back in

[Post New]by HennyMarie on Sep 23, 17 1:54 PM
Just a little tip.. we can’t see if our deleted friends are playing or not.. they don’t have the red/green marker.. BUT we can see what level they are... and right now it is easy to spot toplevel players still playing as they will be level 79 or 80

Just got a friend out of the dustbin maybe you have a dusty friend still playing worth getting out for gifts.

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Re:Deleted friends back in

[Post New]by Pazlovejoy on Sep 23, 17 2:42 PM
My deleted friends got purged a couple of weeks ago. Some of those deleted players were long time friends. It would be great to reconnect with them. I have them written down somewhere. Now that you reminded me, perhaps I'll try to find the list.

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