[Post New]by travisthecat on Sep 24, 17 7:21 AM
I also have problems with this game. It doesn't actually start! I have Windows 10 & every other game seems to work ok but not this one. I've tried lots of things but like other reviewers it doesn't work.



[Post New]by hunt1953 on Sep 25, 17 8:12 PM
Same here. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and cannot get game to work on my computer, also Windows 10. All my other games have been working fine.

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[Post New]by sazoria on Sep 25, 17 8:48 PM
Possible fix-
Current fix for games that won't play in windows 10-
There is an issue with the compatibility of Windows 10 with some games. It just won't let you play them. If this is the issue you are experiencing then this fix will take care of it. If this doesn't work then the issue you are having must be something else.

This works for people who cannot open a game whilst using windows 10, and also for some error codes and access violations.

gail854 wrote:
I found this by accident on The Forgotten Fairytales forum but it worked for me. Change your screen resolution to something smaller, like 1680x1050, open the game and close it. Change the resolution back to original and open the game again. It worked for me on both games as neither would open but do now. Hope it helps.

-Remember that you can change the resolution back to your normal setting



[Post New]by psychogala75 on Feb 18, 18 8:53 PM
I am having this same problem. With a few games. The thing is, it played fine before on Windows 10 on the same tablet. This is a recent issue.

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