Level 43 -- 5 Star Rio Resort

[Post New]by peep44 on Sep 24, 17 1:35 PM
Help! Level 43 has stopped me.
I need instructions on what to do to get past level 43. I get all the ice gone, then the people's pics come up on the left and right, and I guess I am to get rid of those items shown under them. Then the people disappear and I still lose. There is an item at the top middle and I don't know if that is what I am supposed to be getting. Been stuck here for a long time. Thank you.

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Re:Level 43 -- 5 Star Rio Resort

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Sep 24, 17 1:46 PM
Welcome to the pond!

You're probably missing the singleton tile all the way up at the top of the screen, which you need the hammer to knock out, as it isn't reachable otherwise. The guests are the demanding (?) types who need matches of 4 of the items requested in the little bubbles to satisfy. There's the option to lower the difficulty by checking the box at the bottom of the screen, and you can also reload your powerups by replaying some of the earlier levels (see the powerup refilling thread in this forum for more details if you don't know how to do that).

You don't necessarily have to clear all the ice cubes, as the ones on the far left and right have no tiles underneath of them.

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