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Can't understand level 3

[Post New]by sgrwlf27 on Sep 25, 17 5:07 PM
I am new to this type of game and am playing relaxed mode. I am #1 with score of 3325, got a message I had cleared the board, but each time I play last move, a pop up appears saying, "Out of moves..if only you had a way to retrieve yourself" tells about a bootmaker in Gossamer Wood (which I have no idea how to get to) and only gives me the option to replay level or exit. If I've cleared the board and have 3 stars, what else can I do?

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Re:Can't understand level 3

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Sep 25, 17 6:42 PM
This is a very complex M3 and unfortunately even the "relaxed" mode is still limited moves, although there are more moves given. The base goal is to clear all the red colored tiles in each "room". If you reach a point where every "room" you go into says "all red tiles cleared" there will be a little green check mark at the bottom right of the screen appearing. You can then click on the green check mark and choose the button to finish the level if you want to end the level without "doing everything".

However, the secondary goal for every level is winning the badge. In order to badge a level you have to "do everything" - clear all the covered tiles, break all the wood boxes, open all the treasure chests, and deplete all the resource veins. What is probably happening in your case is that you got all the red tiles, but the game is thinking you're trying to "do everything", and then ran out of moves.

A bit later in the game you will be able to get a "boots" powerup which lets you have 10 or 20 (can't remember right now) extra moves.

There's much, much more with this's a good tips thread you can view (it's now locked so you can't post replies to it anymore, but you can still open it for reading):

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