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Adults who love SpongeBob

[Post New]by nANCY362 on May 2, 10 4:17 PM
Come on all you adult SpongeBob lovers out there, tell us what you think of this game. I know you're out there. A Pittsburgh newspaper wanted to do an article on adults who watch SpongeBob and they got hundreds of responces. This is a fun game for children and adults. The strategy involved keeps your brain working. and Plankton is the ultimate enemy to be defeated. A fun game for everyone.

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Re:Adults who love SpongeBob

[Post New]by konijn75 on Jan 29, 13 2:17 PM
Well, I am an adult, and I love playing this game.
I have not seen the SpongeBob cartoon series on television, since I do not have a television.
It's a good game with good tactics. As a challenge, I am now playing the game again, without *ever* using an orange card. So no healing for me, no 'cheap' attacks (like 80 damage for 10 action points), just the green/blue/pink cards.

Did you know that when you win a level, you can replay it?
Some places will have more money (coins), but sometimes you can also get an additional regular (green/blue/pink) card. Often you get free orange cards this way as well. Can you collect all the regular cards? You will be surprised how many there are.

I do not like the other SpongeBob games, however, because they require quick reflexes instead of strategic thinking.

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